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PREGNANCY YOGA (Ante natal yoga)


(Birthlight/Yoga Gro/Classical Yoga)  

Pregnancy yoga is a wonderful, safe and gentle way to exercise, enjoy your growing baby, relax and prepare for childbirth and beyond. It is suitable for all women from the second trimester (14 weeks) onwards. No previous yoga experience is required and classes are easy to follow. The classes consists of time to stretch, tone, relax and breathe in small groups so individual attention can be given to each person. Yoga practiced during pregnancy can be great for calming and balancing mind and body and decrease mental stress and worry.  Birth preparation is included through learning moves that help your baby descend into the pelvis, moves that decrease pain, calming breathing techniques and positive affirmations some of which are also beneficial should you be choosing to have a planned caesarian section. Handouts are provided. Coffee mornings are arranged half termly and WhatsApp groups set up along with an additional active birth class which birth partners are welcome to attend. Yoga balls are provided should you prefer to sit on one. The yoga is modified for those with pelvic pain.

For more information including photos and articles visit my Facebook page or FAQ's or for East Sussex


To see a class speeded up:

GIFT VOUCHERS ARE AVAILABLE FOR Pregnancy Yoga (Pre natal yoga) 

Pregnancy yoga benefits include:

- Strengthens and tones safely the pelvis, pelvic floor and all areas of the body (suitable for those with pelvic pain and

 modifications are given)

- Encourages good posture in class and for everyday life

- Helps try to get baby in the optimal foetal position for birth

- Can aid digestion and circulation

- Can help alleviate certain pregnancy discomforts such as heartburn, tiredness, headaches,backache

- Breathing techniques for pregnancy, labour and beyond

- Care of the pelvis to try to prevent pelvic girdle pain or can help if suffering from this.

- Deeply relaxing and nurturing

- Helps you bond with your baby

- Encourages friendships within the group

- Helps you feel prepared for birth

- Helps you feel calm and positive

I hope these classes will be a valuable asset to you in pregnancy, for birth and beyond. People tend to join and continue until they have the baby with friendships continuing after. Whether you are 14 weeks or 42 weeks you are welcome.  You then have the continued support post natally with the other courses I also teach.

Prices: (including handouts)

£50 for a 5 week term including a yoga pack, useful contacts list, newsletter and Whats App. If you are over 32 weeks you can pay week by week.

Alternatively you can buy 5 YouTube classes for £30 or 10 You tube classes including birth preparation for £50.  

This course offers a gentle way for the body to recover after birth. Good posture, pelvic floor and other toning and stretching exercises are taught along with breathing and relaxation to help calm mind and body. A gentle yoga flow sequence is taught as well as some post natal core work and relaxation. Exercises to help if you have Diastasis Recti are included. Babies are welcome to attend if you wish.

For more information on either pre natal (pregnancy yoga) or post natal yoga call Penny on 07944 416572 or email me on the contact me page or email

Pregnancy yoga testimonials 

I had never done pregnancy yoga before and came across many recommendations for Penny on Social media. I had a long painful 1st delivery and I developed SPD after birth which I have had for years.

I started classes with Penny during my second pregnancy to try and ease my SPD and find ways of coping with labour as was feeling very worried about it. The yoga classes have completely kept my SPD at bay and I was positive and excited to the birth of my second child. Dare I say it, I was looking forward to putting my new learnt breathing and positioning techniques into practice. During labour I stayed upright doing smiley hips, using a spikey ball and leaning on the birthing ball which really helped the descend of baby and manage the contractions. I felt my mind was focussed on things taught during class which kept me focused.

I believe the quickness of my labour this time round was due to everything I have learnt during Penny’s classes.

I done it all on gas and air which I’m very pleased with. I think overall had i not done Penny’s classes my mindset and experience about this delivery would have been very different.

So on that note I want to say a huge thankyou and for making my second birth experience a positive one. I can not recommend you enough and look forward to future classes with you.

Sarah June 2018

Having completed pregnancy yoga and baby yoga for both of our little girls, and also a course of baby massage, I cannot recommend Penny enough. She has taken us through the journey from bumps to births, then from tiny newborns to sitting-up yoga babies, and we have loved every minute. Her expertise not only got me through two very different pregnancies but also gave me so many tools to help with two very different births. I will NEVER forget the golden thread breathing! I will always remember the baby yoga classes as something special I’ve shared together with our daughters. Thank you Penny!

Jenny Rapkin March 2019

I attended pregnancy yoga, baby yoga and baby massage and I loved them all. Penny is so calming, friendly and helpful. I always looked forward to the pregnancy yoga classes as they were a wonderful hour devoted to yourself allowing you to have peace, to stretch away niggles and to relax. Penny also provides excellent advice in a informal way about giving birth and the processes to help like breathing.

Also fantastic that when baby arrives you can continue the yoga journey

Sarah Payne Dec 2019

Post-Natal Yoga (Birthlight)

email if you would like classes

Suitable from birth onwards

Gentle restorative yoga for all women from birth onwards allowing you to reconnect with your body with gentle practices to aid recovery, improve posture, nurture the body and mind with breathing techniques and relaxation, help remove common post-natal aches and pains and gently tone. Positive transition from whatever your birth experience was to motherhood.

Post Natal benefits include:

- Help the recovery of a weak pelvic floor

- Help the recovery of diastasis recti (stretching and weakening around the rectus)

- Stretches to remove common aches and pains including opening the chest and caring for the back

- Postural awareness to aid post natal recovery and reduce aches and pains

- Post natal breathing practices that relax and tone core muscles

- Deep relaxation

- Get information on what to do in day to day life to help post natal recovery

Babies are welcome to attend and parents dip in and out to feed etc (sensory lights help keep them calm during relaxation)

No previous yoga experience is required. 

Post natal yoga testimonials 

 I can’t thank you enough for all the tips and tricks which really helped me (particularly during the latent and second phase).

I had a water birth at The Rosie on 18th September. Surges started that morning at 1.30am and we managed at home until 4.30am. During the first phase I used aromatherapy, movement and breathing to keep me focused. Leaning on the yoga ball and using the visualisation of a mountain (up one side and down the other) was really useful. I used golden thread breathing - in through the nose deeply and out through softly parted lips. I relaxed in child-pose in between surges.

I continued like this on arrival at the birth centre until my waters broke - also making use of camel and Charlie chaplain walking to help move things along. We then ran the pool as my labour progressed and I used ‘haaa’ chants on out breaths - with encouragement from my husband.

Upright forward and open positioning in the water really helped with the final stage of down breathing and Syd was born at 11.06am.

I cannot thank you enough for the techniques you taught me over the last 10weeks of my pregnancy - I felt so empowered and knowledgeable going into the birth.  

Helen November 2020   

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